Book Review: The Law of Love by Laura Esquivel

Around The World For a Good Book selection for: Mexico

Author: Laura Esquivel
Title: The Law of Love
Publication Info: New York : Crown Publishers, c1996.
ISBN: 0517706814

By the same author: Like Water for Chocolate


This may be the first Around the World For a Good Book selection that is science fiction.  Esquivel’s novel is set in a future where reincarnations and karma are very real and central to society, and interplanetary travel and body-swapping are quite possible.  Then there are guardian angels and demons guiding the primary characters’ actions.  All of it comes off very strange and poorly written (or is it the translator’s fault?).  The book just never worked as fiction, it was more of a collection of fantastical ideas.  The first multimedia novel also comes with a CD with prompts to listen to at the appropriate part of the narrative as well as portions of the book in graphic novel to represent the characters’ visions.  It’s gimmicky and doesn’t really add much to the story.  Overall this was mildly entertaining, but not really all that great, especially compared with Like Water for Chocolate.

Rating: ** 1/2

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