Beer Review: Éphémère (bottle)

Beer: Éphémère
Brewer: Unibroue
Source: 750 ml. bottle
Rating: *** (7.2 of 10)

Comments:  For my birthday, my friend Craig presented me with a bottle of Éphémère although he feared I wouldn’t like it.  Fortunately, I’ve tried it three years ago during a babymoon on Mt. Desert Island and gave it a glowing review at the time.  And it’s still good. The beer pours out with a very thick head, and has a cloudy fresh apple cider appearance with heavy carbonation.  The aroma is of spicy apples and the taste a yummy granny smith tartness, sweet but light and refreshing.  My wife says it would make a “good summertime beer” although it’s just fine on an autumn night as well.

Beer Review: Samuel Adams Winter Lager

Beer: Samuel Adams Winter Lager
Brewer: Boston Beer Company
*** (7.8 of 10)

Comments: I had this on-tap at Doyle’s Cafe the pub close to the Samuel Adams headquarters in Jamaica Plain where Sam Adam’s beers always taste best.  This is a chocolate-brown beer with a thick – although quickly dissipating – head that leaves nice lacing on the glass.  The flavor is malty, spicy and sweet but not too sweet.  It’s a complex and refreshing beer and I ordered another pint.


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