30 Day Football (Soccer) Challenge

I participated in a meme on Tumblr called the 30 Day Football (Soccer) Challenge.  I took more than thirty days, but I completed the project.  Here are the links to my responses.

Day 1 – Which team/s do you support? Explain why.

Day 2 – Who is your current favourite player (you can only choose ONE) and what is it about them that makes you like them above any other? Post your favourite picture of them.

Day 3 – Which leagues/tournaments do you watch?

Day 4 – What is your earliest football memory?

Day 5 – Which football moment has made you the happiest?

Day 6 – Which football moment has made you the saddest?

Day 7 – 5 things you love about football

Day 8 – 5 things you hate about football

Day 9 – If you were the president of your favourite club and money was no object name one player you would buy and one player you would you sell?

Day 10 – If you were the manager of your favourite club, what would you change in terms of starting team, tactics etc? Transfers not allowed!

Day 11 – Who is your favourite manager?

Day 12 – Favourite ever match?

Day 13 – Favourite goal?

Day 14 – Which live matches have you been to?

Day 15 – Name your dream XI of all time.

Day 16 – Which other current players, other than whoever you answered for Day One, are you a fan of?

Day 17 – Name a transfer that has broken your heart.

Day 18 – Favourite footballer bromance?

Day 19 – Are there any teams you hate with a passion?

Day 20 – Who is your favourite player from a team you dislike?

Day 21 – Favourite legendary player i.e. one who is no longer playing

Day 22 – Biggest footballing injustice you’re still not over.

Day 23 – Favourite young player? (Under 21)

Day 24 – Players you really cannot stand and why.

Day 25 – Describe your typical matchday routine.

Day 26 – Favourite WAG?

Day 27 – Which football shirts do you own?

Day 28 – Most overrated player and most underrated player?

Day 29 – Best football advert/commercial?

Day 30 – Which has been your favourite World Cup? And favourite Euros?

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