Soccer Holiday

I don’t have much to report on as in the past couple of weeks I’ve been distracted by holiday activities.  The European leagues have also been on holiday break and/or had games canceled by winter weather so I haven’t missed much.  Seeing the rash of snow and ice postponements makes me think that there’s actually wisdom in the USA’s summer soccer tradition.

Manchester City 1:2 Everton (20 Dec)

Here’s a game that can get one’s hopes up.  Everton gets there first win in forever on the road against a team sitting near the top of the table.  Leighton Baines and Tim Cahill were the heroes with goals in the 4th and 19th minutes respectively.  Then the Toffees managed to defend against some strong City attacks even after they went a man down when Victor Anichebe drew a second yellow card.  Sure, it’s probably one of those fluke things, but it does make me hope that Everton might turn this season around.

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