Movie Review: Princess Mononoke

Title: Princess Mononoke
Release Date: 26 November 1999
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Production Co: DENTSU Music And Entertainment
Country: Japan
Language: Dubbed into English
Genre: Anime / Fantasy / Adventure
Rating: ****


I don’t have much experience with anime so this was a wonderful introduction.  Princess Mononoke is a gripping adventure, imaginative fantasy, and a feast for the eyes.  There are many establishing shots that look like fine works of art.  The story is centered around Ashitaka, a prince who slays a fearsome demon that attacks his village but is cursed in the process and thus has to go into exile.  Seeking the source of the demon, Ashitaka finds himself between the spirits and gods of the forest and a town of ironworkers who threaten the forest’s existence.  There’s a clear environmental message here but it’s not too heavy-handed, and I’m impressed that no side is ever seen as good or evil and the viewers sympathies keep shifting as the story goes along.  A quite excellent film all around.

4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Princess Mononoke

  1. Randy beat me to it. Princess Mononoke is a stunning movie with a compelling story line. Hayao Miyazaki is the master.


  2. Thanks for the comments, guys. I love getting comments.

    Do you have any recommendations for other good anime movies or similar to the genre?


    1. I haven’t really watched any others. When I was a kid I enjoyed Robotech. I loved the idea of a spaceship that was a city that converted into a giant fighting robot, and when it converted everybody living in the city had to go to a special part of the city/ship/robot to be safe while its parts twisted and turned into robot shape. So cool.


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