More Lost Beer Reviews

Once again, I’ve tried some beers and even wrote down some ratings for them but have misplaced my notes for them (or didn’t take notes in the first place).  Here are some ratings for some beers I will have to try again.

Beer Reviews: Sierra Nevada Glissade

Beer: Glissade Golden Bock
Brewer: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Source: 12 oz bottle
Rating: ** (6.7of 10)
Comments: A spring beer from California, Glissade pours out sparkling, golden and foamy.  It gives off a faint earthy, hops aroma.  The taste is well-balanced, hoppy but not overly bitter.  After sitting in the glass a while it’s still bubbly but does not leave behind much head or lacing.  It’s  a good beer and it makes me ready for spring.