Book Review: The Underboss by Gerard Neill & Dick Lehr

Author: Gerard Neill & Dick Lehr
Title: The Underboss
Publication Info: New York : BBS PublicAffairs, 2002.
ISBN:  1586481088

Books read by same authors: Black Mass: The True Story of an Unholy Alliance between the FBI and the Irish Mob
Summary/Review: The FBI’s takedown of the Anguilo crime of family of Boston’s North End may be a shining moment in the history of the agency (bookended with their most shameful moment in the Whitey Bulger case which involved some of the same figures).  Neill & Lehr trace the rise of Gerry Angiulo in the mafia – or more accurately La Cosa Nostra – earning a position of prominence in Providence’s Patriarca crime family.  They also detail the trials and travails of Boston’s FBI team that after some errors were able to successfully able to bug Angiulo’s Office in the North End.  The story is detailed and well-researched focusing on the patience and innovation of the FBI against the hubris of Angiulo.  Another great addition to my knowledge base of Boston Dark Side history.

Recommended books: The Crime of the Century by Stephanie Schorow
Rating: ***1/2

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