Book Review: Maphead by Ken Jennings

Author:  Ken Jennings
Maphead : charting the wide, weird world of geography
Publication Info: 
New York : Scribner, c2011.
Ken Jennings is a person I like merely because he became a celebrity by being intelligent.  Now I know he shares a common passion for maps.  As a child I used to lay out maps and atlases and study them for hours and have never lost the love of looking at maps, learning from them, or appreciating their decorative aspects.  Jennings connects with people like myself who love maps and to a greater extent geography through a series of essays that cover topics including geocaching, highpointing, travelers clubs,  road atlas rallying, map collecting and antique sales, programming Google Earth, GPS, the National Geographic Bee, as well as maps in fiction and metaphorical maps.  Jennings’ observations are illuminating and entertaining and the entire book is a delight to read.

Recommended books:
  Outside Lies Magic: Regaining History and Awareness in Everyday Places by John R. Stilgoe, Sightseeking: Clues to the Landscape History of New England by Christopher J. Lenney, How the States Got Their Shapes Too: The People Behind the Borderlines by Mark Stein, and Transit Maps of the World by Mark Ovenden

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