Photopost: Mass United FC

Yesterday, my son Peter and I attended a Mass United FC soccer game for the first time.  Mass United is plays in the National Premier Soccer League, which is the fourth level on the United States soccer pyramid (which I guess would be equivalent to A-league in baseball terms).  The game was sparsely attended but this did not seem to bother my son one whit as he watched all 90 minutes and cheered “Go United Go!!!” the whole time.  The other fans seemed more amused than annoyed, so who was I to curb his enthusiasm.  Sadly, Mass United loss to the New York Red Bulls academy team 1-2.  The Red Bulls’ goals in the first half came on embarrassing lapses by the United defense, but the United goal in the second half came on a beautiful bicycle kick.  Since Peter enjoyed the game so much, we’ll have to go again although most games start at 7 pm which may be rough on a 4 year old.  Maybe next season?

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4 thoughts on “Photopost: Mass United FC

    1. One of these days I’d like to take Peter to a Revolution game, but I’m kind of resentful about the long haul to Foxborough and that all the games start after 7 pm. I know Peter would enjoy seeing the Boston Breakers again if we can fit one in.


  1. Detroit City FC is playing their inaugural season in the Great Lakes conference of the Midwest division (or vice versa). They’ve adopted Man City’s “CTID“ motto and have a following that travels to their away games too. I hope that persists after the novelty of the first season.


    1. I remember when there was a proposal to convert Tigers Stadium to a soccer stadium. I don’t know if a full soccer field would fit inside but the overhanging seats would’ve made for a nice atmosphere. To bad it did not come to fruition.


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