Book Review: All That We Share by Jay Walljasper

AuthorJay Walljasper
TitleAll That We Share
Publication Info: New York : New Press, c2010.
ISBN: 9781595584991
Summary/Review: This collection of essays details the Commons – the things that we share such as water, air, the internet, and other public spaces and ideas.  Many of these things are in danger of being privatized and/or squandered and destroyed.  The essays suggest the commons as  a third way between corporatism and government control.  I found the book intriguing as it introduced me to many new concepts build on old ideas.  The format of essays was complicating though as each author seemed to begin by reiterating the same basic ideas at the start of each essay making the book overly repetitive.  A good read though for anyone looking for new ways to tackle to problems of modern politics.

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