Songs of the Week: “Hvíld og ró” and “Rooftop”

No songs jumped out at me as being THE song of the week, but there are two songs I’m liking more that I listen to them.


The first song features the ethereal vocals of Icelandic singer/songwriter Sigurlaug Gísladóttir with fellow Icelandic singer/songwriter  Snorri Helgason on guitar and backing vocals.

Closer to home, Lady the Lambkeeper  is the stage name of Portland, Maine folk rocker Aly Spaltro:


Today I learned of a new service called Pitchfork Advance which allows one to preview new albums online.  This week’s album is Fade by Yo La Tengo.  As Yo La Tengo is one of my favorite bands of all time, I encourage you to listen to it early and often.

What are you listening to in 2013?