Photopost: Georges Island

The Boston Harbor Islands are a gateway to many adventures. Today we took the ferry from Long Wharf to Georges Island. Along the way we passed the Nantucket Lightship, the planes landing at Logan Airport, the oil tanker Bunga Banyan, the Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Plant, and the curious little island called Nixes Mate.

Upon arrival on Georges Island, we made our way inside Fort Warren to the parade ground where the Essex Base Ball Club was playing vintage baseball according to 1864 rules.  The Newburyport Clamdiggers faced the Lynn Live Oaks in vintage style woolen uniforms.  We enjoyed being “cranks” and using 19th century terms to cheer on the players such as “Well hit, sir!” and “Leg it!”

After the game we explored the fort, checking out the gun batteries atop the walls, the dry moat, and the underground caverns of the demilune.  Georges Island may be a small speck in the harbor, but it is definitely a place worth further exploration.