Beer Review: Cambridge Brewing Company Heather Ale

Beer :Heather Ale
BrewerCambridge Brewing Company 
Source: 22 oz, bottle
Rating: *** (7.3 of 10)
Comments: This is a unique beer that channels ancient styles with herbal additions to the brewing process.  The beer is a hazy, amber looking a bit thin at the bottom.  The nose smells of flowers and honey with a hint of spice.  The taste is an intriguing balance of spicy and sweet with a dry finish.  This beer is a lovely tingle on the tongue and I’d like to try it again.


Beer Review: Smuttynose Rhye IPA

Beer: Rhye IPA
BrewerSmuttynose Brewing Company
Source: 22 oz bottle
Rating: ** (6.4 of 10)
Comments: A golden beer with a thick head, the nose is kind of musty, citrus and malt.  The initial sip is heavy on hop bitterness, but offers a crisper, pleasant aftertaste.  The head sticks around a long time and even settles down on the bottom.  Not my style, but I expect those who like hoppy beers would find it interesting.


Beer Review: Blue Hills Brewery Okto Braü

BeerOkto Braü
Brewer:Blue Hills Brewery 
Source: 22 oz. bottle
Rating: *** (7.3 of 10)
Comments:  The Milton, MA brewery celebrates Oktoberfest with their take on the traditional Bavarian Märzen.  The beer pours out a gorgeous amber with some cloudiness.  The aroma is bready with some sweet hints of maple syrup, and that yeasty, sweet bread comes through in the flavor as well.  The beer leaves behind a thin lace.  I think it would do Munich proud.