Chronologically Self-Aware Songs

Making a random list of songs that date themselves by  mentioning a day, month, or year that is more or less the time when the song was recorded and/or released to the public.  This means that a song like 1999 by Prince does not count because it was recorded in 1982 and Prince was singing about the future.  Similarly, when The Four Seasons’ December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night) does not count because they were singing about a time in the past when the song was released in 1975.

Public Enemy – “Fight the Power” – 1989 the number another summer.

Asia – “Heat of the Moment” – And now you find yourself in ’82.

Escape Club – “Wild Wild West” – Heading for the nineties living in the eighties.

Killing Joke – “Eighties” – I’m living in the eighties

Falco – “Rock Me Amadeus” – 1985, Austrian rock singer Falco records: Rock Me Amadeus! 

The Ramones’ “Rock and Roll Radio” –  It’s the end, the end of the 70’s

Barenaked Ladies – “Shoe Box” – You’re so 1990, and it’s 1994.

Clash – “1977” – In 1977, sod the Jubilee.

Surely there are others!  List them in the comments.