Book Review: Fables: Legends in Exile by Bill Willingham

Author: Bill Willingham
TitleFables: Legends in Exile
Publication Info: New York : DC Comics, c2002

Characters from fables and folklore have been forced out of their magical lands and forced to reside in New York, many disguising themselves to look like “mundane” humans.  In this first story, Bigby Wolf (the anthropomorphized Big Bad Wolf) is the sheriff of Fabletown investigating the brutal murder of Rose Red, with the assistance/interference of her sister Snow White (who is deputy mayor).  The story follows a basic police procedural routine leading up to a parlor room summation that is commented on within the story.  The premise of Fables intrigued me, but as it is basically a detective story with requisite comic book gore thrown around, it didn’t quite deliver.  Still there are enough elements of a hidden past and hints of a greater story to make me want to try to read more.
Recommended books: The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde

Rating: ** 1/2

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  1. Does a song have to be 5 years old to achieve “…of Shame” status?


    1. Liam says:

      Check back in five years and find out.


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