Beer Review: Maine Beer Company MO

Beer: MO
Brewer: Maine Beer Company
Source: Draft
Rating: ** (6.2 of 10)
Comments: I tried this beer on-tap at the Dogwood Cafe.  It pours out with a golden amber, no head or no carbonation.  It has a faint citrus aroma and a lot of hop bitterness and graininess in the flavor, with more hints of fruit.  There is light lacing on the glass after drinking.  I thought it was ok, but this style is not my favorite.

Beer Review: High & Mighty Purity of Essence

Beer: Purity of Essence
Brewer: High & Mighty Beer Co. 
Source: Draft
Rating: ** (6.4 of 10)
Comments: Solid gold without much carbonation or a head. The aroma is doughy and the flavor is front-loaded with hops followed by spice.  For a hoppy lager, it is light enough to quaff.