Book Review: Through the Children’s Gate by Adam Gopnik

Author: Adam Gopnik
TitleThrough the Children’s Gate
Narrator: Adam Gopnik
Publication Info: Audible Studios (2014)

This collection of essays documents Gopnik’s life upon returning to New York City with his wife and young children after living in Paris.  The September 11th attacks occur shortly after they move in and they color a lot of the stories in this book.  There are humorous bits about Gopnik’s therapist, who he believes to be the last Freudian, and his daughter’s imaginary friend who is so very New York that he’s always too busy to play with her.  The most touching story is about Gopnik’s friend who is an art historian and football coach and how he spends his final months before dying of cancer presenting lecture’s at Washington’s National Gallery and coaching Gopnik’s son’s flag football team. Gopnik has a talent of spinning out a lot of ideas from a small observation, but he also has a proclivity towards white, upper middle class navel gazing.  It’s a fine edge and he doesn’t always land on the right side.

Recommended Books: Manhood for amateurs  by Michael Chabon

Rating: **1/2

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