Book Reviews: My Misspent Youth by Megan Daum

Author: Megan Daum
TitleMy Misspent Youth
Narrator: Xe Sands
Publication Info: Dreamscape Media, LLC (2015)

I listened this book of essays on recommendation of Slate magazine’s best audiobooks of 2015 article (although the essays were largely published more than 15 years ago leading to a time warp sensation hearing them).  The first few essays are largely autobiographical and detail Daum’s personal experiences with online romance, working in the publishing industry, running up debt to follow her dreams of living New York City, and her hatred of carpets and love of wood floors.  In these essays she comes across as a rather shallow and negative person. Later essays have more of a literary journalism feel including a documentation of the everyday lives of flight attendants and interviews with the polyamorous Ravenheart family.  While I like these essays better, Daum remains overly sarcastic and dismissive of her subjects in a manner I suppose is intended to be “edgy.”  So I didn’t like this book much, but it was a quick read and Xe Sands’ narration skills are excellent.

Recommended books: The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex and Other True Stories by Pagan Kennedy
Rating: **

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