Beer Review: Samuel Adams Black Harbor Stout

Beer: Black Harbor Stout
Brewer: Boston Beer Company
Source: Draft
Rating:  **** (8.3  of 10)

Poured in a brandy glass, this beer is the color of black velvet.  The scent is candied cherries or raisins, while the flavor is kind of a mulled wine crossed with coffee (in a good way).  A delicious alternative to the same old.

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Beer Review: Long Trail Sick Day

Beer: Sick Day
Brewer: Long Trail Brewing Company
Source: Draft
Rating: **** (8.5 of 10)

A copper-colored beer with a solid head, Sick Day offers up a piney nose with a nicely balanced flavor of pine, nut, bread and citrus with a slight bitterness.  There’s a luscious lacing left behind on the glass.  Long Trail does it again!

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