Introducing JP A to Z #AtoZChallenge #JamaicaPlain

Welcome to the Blogging A to Z Challenge! I’m participating for the first time this year in this activity where we blog every day for the month of April (except Sundays), posting a blog post each day for each letter of the alphabet. My theme this year will focus on my neighborhood of Jamaica Plain in Boston, Massachusetts.

Here is a photo of every letter of the alphabet taken from signs in Jamaica Plain. Bonus points if you can guess where they’re all from!

If you’re a Blogging from A to Z Challenge participant and reading Panorama of the Mountains for the first time, Welcome! Typically I blog about things ranging from books to beer, music to movie, and bikes to schools. The About page lists the schedule for a typical week, although things will be a bit topsy-turvy while I’m blogging from A to Z. This is a WordPress blog, so if you use WordPress feel free to use WordPress Reader to follow me.  You may also follow me on Twitter and Tumblr (all posts from Panorama of the Mountains are copied there, but there’s a whole lot more).  Finally, please leave me a comment to say hello or really anything!  I look forward to meeting you!

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10 thoughts on “Introducing JP A to Z #AtoZChallenge #JamaicaPlain

    1. One of the first things I noticed about the neighborhood were the “homemade” looking signs with unique font. I wanted to go take pictures of them and see if I can get one for each letter of the alphabet for some time, but the A to Z Challenge was the motivation I needed to actually do it.


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