JP A to Z: G is for Graves #AtoZChallenge #JamaicaPlain

G is for Graves

Jamaica Plain is home to Forest Hills Cemetery, a garden cemetery opened in 1848 that serves as the final resting place for 100s and reflective spaces for those they left behind. But is also a prominent green space for JP residents to stroll, walk dogs, jog, ride bikes, and spend some time in reflection amid the natural and artistic beauty.  Sculptures both for memorials and contemporary sculptures contributed by artists make it a garden of art as well.  For more on the cemetery, read this post I wrote about taking a walking tour there in 2007.

Forest Hills is not the only place you’ll find graves in Jamaica Plain.  On Hyde Park Avenue, there’s the small and nearly-hidden Tollgate Cemetery that was a Catholic burying-ground in the 19th-century .


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