JP A to Z: L is for Ley Line #AtoZChallenge #JamaicaPlain

L is for Ley Line

Jamaica Plain has connections to not one but two 20th century poets known for the confessional style.

Sylvia Plath (1932-1963)  was born on a quiet street in Jamaica Plain.  Her father was a botanist who did research in the nearby Arnold Arboretum.  She moved away around the age of 4, but published her first poem in the Boston Herald at the age of 8, and maintained ties to the Boston area through her short, troubled life.

Ley Line-1
Prince Street, where Sylvia Plath was born.

Anne Sexton (1928-1974) was born in Newton, MA and lived much of her live in nearby Weston.  She is buried in the Forest Hills Cemetery.

Ley Line-2
Anne Sexton’s grave in Forest Hills Cemetery.

Draw a line on a map from Sylvia Plath’s birthplace to Anne Sexton’s burial-place and you have a ley line of confessional poetry crossing Jamaica Plain.

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