JP A to Z: Y is for Yarn #AtoZChallenge #JamaicaPlain

Y is for Yarn

Jamaica Plainers like to knit and stitch.  And when they’re not making clothing, tea cosies, and afghan blankets, they sometimes “yarn bomb”  – a colorful way of bringing a little cheer to the neighborhood. With yarn.

Sadly, yarn bombing seems to be a seasonal activity so I haven’t found too many examples out in the wild this April.

You probably can’t make a call anymore, but at least the phone booth is warm.


Yarn decoration in the chain link fence by the English High playing fields.
For many yarn bombers, this is home base.
For many yarn bombers, this is home base.

JP Knit & Stitch routinely yarn bomb a post outside the store, but it never seems to be there when I have my camera.  Here’s a photo on Instagram.

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