Worst Songs of the 1990s

I failed to post anything yesterday ending my six month plus streak of posting everyday.  Today I have absolutely nothing prepared for Music Discoveries.  So I’m in a cranky mood and I will channel this into saying mean things about songs that other people probably like.

For my list of the worst songs of the 1990s, I’m not going to bother bringing up songs that are already universally despised. And while I’m certain there were bad songs in pop, hip hop, country, etc, I’m going to focuse on the music I was listening to in the 1990s which for lack of a better term was called “alternative.”  All of these songs were massively overplayed and people seemed to like them.  I still hear them on the occasions when I’m flipping through the radio.

So with no further ado, here are the 10 Worst Songs of the 90s in chronological order.

The Spin Doctors – “Two Princes” (1993) – They don’t seem to be remembered much these days, but for a time The Spin Doctors were absolutely huge.  They had at least three songs that sounded almost exactly the same, but this one got the most love.

Four Non-Blondes – “What’s Up?” (1993) – Fact: The words “What’s Up?” don’t appear in this song at all. Fact: the lead vocalist pretentiously modulates her voice to make this extra irritating.

Deadeye Dick – “New Age Girl” (1994) – This song is just obnoxious bros being bros, but for several years it was always a popular singalong at parties.

Collective Soul – “Shine” (1994) – 1991 was “The Year Punk Broke” and it was possible to listen to commercial radio again and hear great music.  1994 was the year that ended it all with “Shine” showing how the basic sound could be distilled into a commercially-friendly product.

Gin Blossoms – “Found Out About You” (1994) – And thus the era of Boring Rock was ushered in. 

Joan Osbourne – “One of Us” (1995) – Oh so very “edgy” in the lyrics and grating musically too.

The Verve Pipe – “The Freshman” (1997) – There were two bands at the same time called The Verve and The Verve Pipe.  They were both exceedingly boring.

Marcy Playground – “Sex and Candy” (1997) – The absolutely worst overplayed song of the 1990s.  Still recovering from the aural abuse.

Goo Goo Dolls – “Iris” (1998) – We’ve pretty much regressed to late 80s pop music at it’s worst here.  Not much of an alternative.

Shawn Mullins – “Lullaby” (1998) – If there’s something that’s going to replay on repeat for years, even decades later, why this?

So that’s my list.  What are your horrible songs for the 1990s?  Did you love any of these songs?  Let me have it in the comments.

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