Favorite Songs of 2016 … so far

Wednesdays are now my music blogging day.  While I’ve enjoyed writing my Music Discoveries series, I’ve found it hard to find the time to give a fair listen to all of a bands album in just one week.  So, starting in July, I’m going to post music discoveries on the first and third Wednesdays (and on the fifth Wednesday if there are that many Wednesdays in a month).  On the second Wednesday, I’m going to extend my music criticism writing to reviewing a recently released album, called simply enough Album of the Month, similar to Song of the Week.  The fourth Wednesday will be a music wildcard, probably a list, much like I’m posting today!

And today’s list simply shares some of my favorite songs released so far in 2016.  I usually wait until the end of the year, but it’s been a great six months of music already.


“Atomic Number” by case/lang/veirs

“Changes” by Charles Bradley

“Freedom” by Beyoncé

“Hold Up” by Beyoncé

Can’t find anything to embed for these two tracks, but seriously, if you don’t have Lemonade already, get it now!

“The Hood Ain’t the Same” by Draze

“The Ism” by Digitalism

“Kinsumba” by Konono N°1

“Mighty (feat. JFTH)” by Caravan Palace

“Papa Loko (Se Van)” by Ram


“Quiet” by Erik Blood

“Sangria” by Céu


“Transe Animal” by Prana Vibes

“Wave of History” by Downtown Boys

“The Werewolf” by Paul Simon

What are your favorite songs of the year so far?

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