Musical Guilty Pleasures

Last Wednesday I was due to post my Album of the Month reviews for August, and this Wednesday is supposed to be a Musical Discoveries post, but I have listened to nothing so I have nothing ready to post.  So, I’m moving Album of the Month to next Wednesday, August 24th and a Music Discovery for Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings on August 31st.  Today, I’ll go with a list of songs I’ve compiled under the heading Guilty Pleasures.

I hesitate to use the term guilty pleasures, because almost certainly all of these songs have people who love them unabashedly, and the older I get the more I feel that if any music brings a person joy it should not be mocked.  Nevertheless, these are cheezy pop songs that don’t fit in with my usual tastes and that music snobs who are less forgiving than me would look down on.

So let’s check out my Musical Guilty Pleasures in reverse alphabetical order by song title:

“We Like to Party” – Vengaboys

The Dutch have made many contributions to global culture, but are not so strong in the pop music area.  Still I find this song irresistibly catchy.

“Strangers in the Night” – Frank Sinatra

I’ve always had trouble with lyrics – understanding them, and memorizing them.  But in college I made myself memorize this song.  I thought it might be something that people would find impressive/amusing.  It didn’t work.

“Star Wars Theme” – Meco

Not only did I love this disco version of the Star Wars theme, but I actually once had an entire album of Meco interpretation of film soundtrack songs.

“The One That You Love” – Air Supply

When I was a kid I decided to make my own weekly Top 10 list of songs and this was the first number one song on the list even though it was two years after the song was released.

“Never Gonna Give You Up” – Rick Astley

The song that launched ten million Rick Rolls, but you gotta admit that he has a good voice and it’s a catchy tune.

“Mouth” – Merril Bainbridge

When people talk about the great music of the ’90s, this song doesn’t come up, but it brings back memories.

“Milkshake” – Kelis

You should see me dance to this song.

“Let it Go” – Demi Lovato

Popular with girls aged 12 and under, I can’t help but want to join in the sing-a-long.

“Jump Around” – House of Pain

Nothing makes me feel more white than my enjoyment of this song.

“I Think We’re Alone Now” – Tiffany

I kept my love of this song a big secret when I was 13.

“Hold On” – Wilson Phillips

Who can resist singing along to “Hold On?”  No one, that’s who.

“Don’t Worry Be Happy” – Bobby McFerrin

I have an affection for this song because I was on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard and McFerrin was playing a show there so the local radio kept playin this song and it was this quirky, happy song that no one else knew until a month later when it was suddenly being overplayed everywhere.

“Doctor Jones” – Aqua

Another song I associate with travel, this time to Ireland and the UK where this was a big hit and played so often that people were absent-mindedly singing it under their breath.

“Another Night” – Real McCoy

When my wife and I were friends in college, long before we started dating, this was “our song” for some reason that has been lost to memory.

“America” – Neil Diamond

Patriotic songs are cheezy, Neil Diamond is cheezy, so this is a large extra cheeze, but dang if I don’t feel inspired.


So what are your musical guilty pleasures?  Make your confession in the comments below!