Podcasts of the Week for Labor Day

I neglected to submit a POTW post last week, so here are two weeks worth of podcasts worth listening to!

99% Invisible – On Average

I’m once again recommending 99PI, because while it’s a cliche to say that no one is average, the science bears it out.  Not only that but it’s actually dangerous to assume that an average can define a human characteristic.  And who knew that the military was behind the sizing of everything?

I always thought the frantic cross-country travel by Presidential candidates to appear in as many states as possible was a waste of time in the era of mass media, and science bears it out.
The story of the ethics of triage revisits Hurricane Katrina and the difficult choices faced in a hospital of who to save and who to let die.  It’s the most heart-wrenching podcast I’ve ever listened to.
This podcast dramatizes an incident I’d not been aware of, a nationally televised Draft Lottery on December 1, 1969.  Still not clear on how this was different from conscription that occured before that date.
The science, the ethics, and the culinary arts of disgust.  Also, a great piece about bat conservation.
All about defining Americans by our work ethic, or lack thereof.  The concept that colonial Americans defined liberty by being able to have other people do their work is a fascinating one.