Ten Years

Today is the tenth anniversary of the very first post on this blog!

A lot has changed in my life in those ten years where Panorama of the Mountains is one constant.


Married for just over a year with no children.


Married for just over 11 years with a 9-year-old and a 5-year-old.


Rented the top floor of a three-decker in Somerville, MA.


Own the top floor of a three-decker in Jamaica Plain, MA.


Worked in an academic library’s access services department specializing in interlibrary loan.


Work in the same library’s special collections department as a processing archivist and records management analyst.


Worshiped and was very active in a local Catholic church community.


Worship and not quite nearly as active in a local United Church of Christ community.


Didn’t own a cellphone and never planned to get one.


Smartphone addict.


Commuted everywhere by bike.


Still try to bike, but end up using public transit most of the time.


It seemed that personal blogging was going out of style just as I was getting started.


I was right. Nowadays people who get attention as “bloggers” are professional journalists and writers (or those who want to be professional) writing online, and the personal blog has all but gone by the wayside.

And yet I keep blogging.

This past year has been particularly fruitful as far as blogging.  I’ve been more consistent in writing and posting regularly (everyday for a time from December to June) and participated in The A-to-Z Challenge.  I’ve always felt that the audience for this blog is myself, and I’ve founded both a handy outlet for personal expression as well as a great reference tool to go back and see what I wrote about a particular thing at the time.

Nevertheless, I find it discouraging that I see a lot of bloggerss out there have built a community around their blogs with a core group of people commenting and reading one another’s blogs.  I’ve never been able to replicate that kind of interaction here despite various tactics including posting every day, writing on a variety of topics, participating in challenges, commenting on other blogs, and promoting my posts on social media.  Perhaps what I write is just not very interesting to most people.

Going forward I’m thinking of making changes to this blog starting in the new year, perhaps even coming up with a new name (suggestions are welcome).  I’m thinking of working on the quality of my posts rather than the quantity, so I intend to continue to post consistently if less often.  Here are some changes I have in mind:

Book Reviews
Movie/TV Reviews

I expect that these types of posts will continue to be common. Instead of saving them for a particular day of the week to publish, I think I’ll just go back to posting them just after I finish reading/watching/photographing.  I’m also hoping with the book reviews to become more literary and expansive in my discussion of the books.

Beer Reviews

I’ve reached a point where I find myself looking long and hard for beers I’ve never tried before so I can review them and it’s getting exhausting.  I need to reduce my beer consumption in general so I’m going to ax the beer reviews.  Perhaps if I try a particularly remarkable beer I will post a review about it, but it won’t be a regular feature.

Song of the Week
Album of the Month
Podcasts of the Week

I’m going to join these all together into a monthly “What I am listening to now” post, and again work on my narrative style of reviewing and reflecting on these things.

Music Discovery

This was fun to do, less fun to write about, and most likely dreadful for you to try to read.  I’m going to revamp this as a once-a-month feature, and instead of the album-by-album synopsis just work on writing up an overall narrative of the artist in question with a list of favorite albums and songs.

What else?

I’d like to continue to strive to write on politics and current events.  I wrote a few good posts in the past year, but I always find myself taking so long to get my thoughts together on an issue that it ceases to be relevant.  I hope to be more timely and make a positive contribution to these discussions and debates.

I’ve an idea for a series on my favorite TV shows of all time (much like I’ve done for books, albums, and songs) but the posts would be more narrative and tying together themes rather than making lists.

And perhaps I’ll finally write the series on urban development and transportation issues I’ve long been ruminating over.

Thanks to everyone who has read, commented, and shared Panorama of the Mountains over the past decade.  I hope to make it worth continued reading!



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