Blogging from A to Z Challenge: E is for Exterminate #atozchallenge


I’m participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge through all of April 2017. Every day (except Sundays), I will be posting a new, original photograph (or photographs) related to the letter of the alphabet.

Today’s letter is “E” which stands for “Exterminate!”


If there’s something bugging you, the local corner store can help you out!

Okay, the muse has been weird lately.  I’ll look for something more fanciful and friendly for the letter F!

In the meantime, let me know what you think of today’s photograph.

7 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z Challenge: E is for Exterminate #atozchallenge

    1. I was initially surprised at how there was an entire shelf devoted to insect control at a rather small shop, but then I just realized that it is a fact of urban living.

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  1. Oh yeah, the apartment I had in Virginia 20-something years ago had roaches in the kitchen. The exterminator said “these are not your roaches.” Apparently there were nests in the apartments above and below and we were just along the highway.


  2. Oh eww! I’ve long said, if it’s smaller than me and has more than 4 legs, kill it! With butterflies and bees being the exception to that rule, lol. :) I don’t do creepy-crawlies very well at all.


  3. I wash my floors and counter tops with a solution of white vinegar, water, and peppermint essential oils. Critters of all sorts (including mice) hate pepperoil.


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