Podcasts of the Week Ending October 14th

Best of the Left :: The other new Jim Crow (Voting Rights)

This is a repeat, but the denial of voting roots (and the question of who’s counting the votes) is one of the most serious issues in our democracy today.

Code Switch :: The Passing of “Failing” School

The story of how education “reform” and school closings is destroying communities, particularly communities of color.

Radiolab :: Father K

The story of what happens when a Palestinian American Lutheran Minister runs for office in a diverse and divided Brooklyn neighborhood.  An inspiring story with a sad ending.

Re:sound :: The Determination Show

Some great stories including one man’s successful effort to get the 27th amendment ratified in response to a bad grade at school and a professional soccer player becoming an amateur sleuth to solve a murder in Philadelphia’s homeless community.

Sidedoor :: Confronting the Past

This history of the riot and massacre that destroyed a prosperous African American neighborhood in North Tulsa, OK in 1921 with first-person stories from survivors.

This American Life :: Suitable for Children

This felt like an old-school “This American Life” episode although still reflecting on topical political issues through experiences of children.  Stories include black children in the 1980s playing with the Confederate-flag decorated car from The Dukes of Hazard and a disturbing wax museum with an unflinching look at African American history in Baltimore.