Comic Book Reviews: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2016-2017)

Lunella Lafayette is a 9-year-old genius who is bored with school and fears her Inhuman genes.  When a giant, red T-Rex enters her life, she takes her first step into becoming the youngest superhero.

Author:Amy Reeder (Author) and Natacha Bustos (Illustrator)
Title: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol. 1: BFF
Publication Info: Marvel (2016)
Summary/Review:  This book slowly introduces Lunella and how she gets acquainted with Devil Dinosaur.  Seriously, this is why I read compilation books because if read single issues with those “cliffhangers,” I’d tear them in rage.  Lunella is an interesting smart kid character, a bit snooty, but with a lot of internal conflict.  Devil Dinosaur travels into the present with a group of cavemen, an historical inaccuracy I’ll overlook, if only because the cavemen then become a street gang known as the Killer-Folk.  Much like other comics I’ve read recently (Ms. Marvel, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl), a famed Marvel Comics hero makes a cameo appearance to advise Lunella.  In this case it’s Hulk, who apparently can speak in full sentences in this universe.

Rating: **1/2

Author: Amy Reeder (Author),  Marco Failla (Illustrator), and Natacha Bustos (Illustrator)
TitleMoon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol. 2: Cosmic Cooties
Publication Info: Marvel (2017)
Summary/Review: Lunella finally succumbs to the Terrigen Cloud and her Inhuman power is not a desirable one (SPOILER: she switches minds with Devil Dinosaur and has no control of when it happens).  In other news, Mel-Varr, a.k.a. Marvin Ellis, a.k.a. Kidd Kree, a 9-year-old trying to prove his place among the Kree by capturing Moon Girl, makes life difficult for her both at school and during her crime fighting activities at night.  Ms. Marvel even has to step in and break up their squabbles.  It’s a good story arc with a lot of humor and a lot of pathos.

Rating: ***1/2