Album Review: Kill the Lights by Tony Molina

Album: Kill the Lights
Artist: Tony Molina
Release Date: July 27, 2018

The They Might Be Giants’ album Apollo 18 features a suite of songs called “Fingertips,”  each song only a few seconds long and in a variety of musical styles.  This Tony Molina album reminds me of “Fingertips” as each of the ten songs on the album is around a minute long.  Unlike “Fingertips,” which was essentially a gag for people who listened to their CDs on shuffle and whose lyrics were essentially one phrase (sometimes repeated), the songs on Kill the Lights feature full lyrics.  Sometimes the songs even have guitar and piano solos.  It makes you wonder why so many pop songs are 3 1/2 minutes or longer when one can get to the essence of a song in so much less time. The two-minute long “Jasper’s Theme” even sounds like indulgent 70s prog rock.  This is a delightful collection of jangly power-pop that one can listen to in a short walk.

Rating: ****