Album Review: There is Another World by Peter Mulvey

Album: There is Another World
Artist: Peter Mulvey
Release Date: February 15, 2019
Favorite Tracks: “Who’s Gonna Love You Now?,” “Beckett Was a Bird of Prey,” “To Your Joy,” and “Henry’s Only Daughter”

Peter Mulvey’s album shares the feeling of being alone in a cold, wintry landscape.  It’s rooted in nature and the thoughts and feelings that rumble through one’s mind when completely isolated.  Mulvey is no stranger to downtempo music but there’s not a single rave-up in this collection of meditative songs. Ireland – both Mulvey’s memories of being there and the msuical styles – informs the songs as well. Mulvey’s fingerpicking guitar is accompanied by fiddle on some tracks. There are experiments too: “Nickel and Dime” is 15-seconds long.  “Owl” channels Tom Waits. I’ve listened to it several times so far, and I still can’t really decide what I think of it, but I know I like it.

Rating: ****

2 thoughts on “Album Review: There is Another World by Peter Mulvey

  1. So now I know two other people who Kickstarted his campaign. I particularly liked “To Your Joy” a very touching song with lots give in it. The other song…the one about the fox was particularly engaging. I’ve been pondering a year off from work and either touring the world or renting a cabin in the woods (or both). The cabin in the woods with a view of the snow…and this album on slow rotation would be perfect.

    Your description of a cold land and the emotional landscape of isolation are perfect.

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    1. I kickstarted his last album but missed the opportunity for this one. “To Your Joy” is also my favorite song on the album.


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