A Song and a Story: “Loaded” #AtoZChallenge

Good songs remind you of good times with good people, and that is true of this track by the Scottish band Primal Scream:


The person this reminds me of is my big sister who was a role model to me as we were growing up and frequently introducing me to new music.  This was particularly true when we were both in high school (she was a senior and I was a freshman) and she drove us to school AND controlled the radio dial.  Later when she went to college she come home on breaks with cool new music I’d never heard before.

One of these breaks, we were driving through our home town of Stamford and “Loaded” came on the radio. We bopped our heads and car danced, and eventually picked up the lyrics to sing along as we cruised down High Ridge Road.  It must’ve been an extended remix because it continued for much of our drive, and we had a lot of fun.

“Loaded” is not so much of a song as it is a mish-mash.  It’s a remix of another Primal Scream song, “I’m Losing More Than I Ever Had,”  although that song is barely recognizable in “Loaded.”  The base of “Loaded” is a drum loop with horn solos.  Over this is layered samples from the Peter Fonda biker film Wild Angels, with Fonda sounding like a particularly petulant hippie stereotype.  Other samples and phrases from the original song are thrown in the mix.  The result is one of the more memorable tracks of 1990.

It’s also a perfect song for spending time bonding with a sibling.

2019 Blogging A to Z Challenge – A Song and a Story

A: Always on My Mind
B: Baby Come Back and Baker Street
C: Cheek to Cheek
D: Don’t Worry, Be Happy and Doctor Jones
E: Everyday Sunshine
F: Fly Me to the Moon
G: Ghost Town
H: Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe
I: If I Were John Carpenter
J: Jungle Strut and Justified & Ancient
K: Kiss

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