A Song and a Story: “Rave On” #AtoZChallenge

Today for R Day, we have a shaggy dog story produced from memories of hearing Buddy Holly and the Crickets performing

Rave On

Have you ever been to a rave?  Me neither.  But during the peak period of “raving” being a term to refer to a dance party, I did like to go out dancing with my friends.  My senior year at college I lived in a residence hall of an odd mixture of men, some were devout Christians, some were alternative types (we didn’t use the term hipster yet) who drank, smoke, & enjoyed premarital relations, and some of us straddled on the line between both.

It was with some of the latter that I spent the night raving.  The occasion was our RA Rahsaan’s 21st birthday, and our group of four was filled out with Chris and John.  We traveled an hour away to take advantage of Norfolk, Virginia’s finest gay nightclubs, The White House and The Late Show.  Rather comically, after my friends made it past the velvet rope, I was stopped to be informed that I was indeed entering a gay club.  Apparently, I set off the Straight Detector.  Nevertheless, I was made welcome, and enjoyed the fact that people actually danced here as opposed to “straight clubs” where people stood around and acted creepy.

We danced all night and returned to Williamsburg as the first streaks of dawn appeared in the sky.  We ate breakfast, and then returned to campus, where my friends could go to bed.  But not me.  I got dressed for work.  And while groggy, I sold tickets to Colonial Williamsburg visitors with a feeling of giddiness, knowing that I’d been dancing just hours before.  I finally made it to bed in the afternoon, but not before creating a voicemail message (it was the 90s, and voicemail was new and fun) that I sent to Rahsaan, Chris, and John with a sound effect recording of a crashing airplane.  I then crashed myself.

Later that spring, the woman I was dating at the time included “Rave On” on a mixtape in honor of the night of “raving” for Rahsaan’s birthday.

2019 Blogging A to Z Challenge – A Song and a Story

A: Always on My Mind
B: Baby Come Back and Baker Street
C: Cheek to Cheek
D: Don’t Worry, Be Happy and Doctor Jones
E: Everyday Sunshine
F: Fly Me to the Moon
G: Ghost Town
H: Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe
I: If I Were John Carpenter
J: Jungle Strut and Justified & Ancient
K: Kiss
L: Loaded
M: Marble Halls and My Moon, My Man
N: New York, New York
O: Oliver’s Army
P: The Parting Glass
Q: Qué Onda Guero

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2 thoughts on “A Song and a Story: “Rave On” #AtoZChallenge

  1. The crashing airplane noise has two meaning here (Buddy Holy).

    As with most of the dead Rock Stars, I wonder what they would be playing as the music and culture changed. How would Holy have done in the Psychedelic years? A pre-Donovan Donovan?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yikes! I didn’t even make that connection!

      I’ve wondered what Otis Redding’s music would’ve been like. When Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye we’re putting out their best stuff in the 70s, Otis would’ve been right there pushing the envelope with them.


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