Classic Movie Review: To Catch a Thief (1955)

Title: To Catch a Thief
Release Date: August 3, 1955
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Production Company: Paramount Pictures

John Robie (Cary Grant) is a jewel thief known as “The Cat” who reformed himself by serving with his gang in the French Resistance.  When a string of high-profile jewelry thefts strike the French Riveria, Robie falls under suspicion of the police, who want to arrest him, and his gang (now the staff of a restaurant), who want to kill him for bringing negative attention to their group.  Robie decides he needs to prove his innocence by catching the new jewel thief in the act.

His investigation leads him to American tourist Jessie Stevens (Jessie Royce Landis), a nouveau riche woman who acquired pricey jewels with her family’s oil wealth, and her daughter Frances (Grace Kelly).  Frances takes an interest in Robie, and a better part of the film is the two of them flirting intensely. At one point, Danielle (Brigitte Auber), the young daughter of Robie’s Resistance colleague, joins in to compete with France for flirting with Robie.  Never mind that he is old enough to be their father.  After all, Cary Grant and Grace Kelly are among the most attractive and charming people to ever live, so who can stop them from shameless flirting. Launch the highly symbolic fireworks!

Their isn’t much mystery or suspense in this film.  The options for who the real jewel thief may be are limited.  I was kind of hoping it would end up being Frances.  (SPOILER: It is not Frances).  So this film basically coasts on its lead actors charm and basic hottness, but my god, to they ever have a lot of that to spare!

Rating: ***