Movie Review: Toy Story (1995)

Title: Toy Story
Release Date: November 22, 1995
Director: John Lasseter
Production Company: Pixar Animation Studios

I have a sentimental attachment to Toy Story. I wasn’t a child when it came out but a young adult working at my first “real” job. A group of coworkers in our 20s went to see this movie together and it was a start of about a year or so when I was part of a closeknit circle of friends, before people started splitting off to go to grad school or better jobs in other cities.

And the movie is really good too! The idea of what toys do when kids aren’t around is cleverly executed with a lot of heart and humor. Unlike most movies of the 90s, Toy Story doesn’t feel dated at all. The 3-D animation, revolutionary for its time, stands up well. The only big flaw is that they couldn’t do human faces well yet, but the creepy kid Sid gets most face time so it actually kind of helps.

I probably can’t be objective about this film, but it’s one of my all time favorites and as great as the sequels are, it is the most perfect Toy Story movie.

Rating: *****