Closing out the Classic Movie Project

Eight months ago I set out to fill in the gaps in my Classic Movie watching experience.  I ended up watching 93 movies considered to be all-time greats by various sources.

Defining “classic” is a challenge when it comes to movie.  Does it mean “old” or does it mean “great.” I decided it means both “old and great” but I still needed a cut-off date.  Finally I settled on 1974, which is just one year after I was born. But also a time when the old Hollywood studio system was all but kaput, New Hollywood was at its peak, and in the coming year, Jaws would launch the era of the blockbuster.

I still have many movies I can watch (or rewatch) in the future, so I always welcome suggestions in the comments. You can also check out my complete list of Every Movie I’ve Ever Watched for links to more reviews and ratings.


Favorite Movie: Lifeboat (it may help that this was the only movie I saw at a cinema)
Least Favorite Movie: Top Hat
Biggest Surprises: The Great Dictator, Playtime, and The Friends of Eddie Coyle
Biggest Disappointments: Harvey, Fred Astaire movies, all the toxic masculinity in New Wave/New Hollywood movies
Director Discoveries: Leo McCarey, Billy Wilder, and Jacques Tati

All the Classic Movies I Watched

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