Monthly Mixtape – April 2020

I spent April focused on the A to Z Challenge, but I made a little time whip together a quick mix for your listening pleasure. Let me know in the comments if there are any great new songs I missed out on.

Ana Tijoux :: Antifa Dance

Steve Earle & The Dukes :: Devil Put the Coal in the Ground

Balkan Taksim :: Zalina

Dua Saleh :: umbrellar

Hazel English :: Off My Mind

Pert Near Sandstone :: Castles In The Air

Sunny Jain :: Immigrant Warrior

Previous Mixtapes:

3 thoughts on “Monthly Mixtape – April 2020

  1. Good mixtape, Liam. I like most of them. My favorites: 1)Steve Earle (dang good song! from a new album of his?) 2) Balkan Taksim (good music and sexy video!) 3) Pert Near Sandstone (this band rocks. I need to hear more of them.)

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    1. Yes, Steve Earle’s new album “Ghosts of West Virginia” will be available on May 22. I don’t know much about Earle but this song practically commanded my attention.

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      1. Ah! I will be buying this one then. Steve Earle is a follower of Townes VanZandt, Rodney Crowell, and Guy Clark. Worth checking out, Liam. Train A Coming was the first album of his I listened to.

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