Book Review: The Walt Disney World That Never Was by Christopher E. Smith

Author: Christopher E. Smith
Title: The Walt Disney World That Never Was
Publication Info: Theme Park Press, 2016

Have you been to World Disney World?  Do you remember riding the classic Western River Expedition ride in the Magic Kingdom?  How about scaling Fire Mountain and Villains Mountain? What’s you’re favorite memories of visiting the Epcot World Showcase pavilions of Israel, Iran, Spain, and Equatorial Africa?  Do you remember immersing yourself into the movie parody land of Muppet Studios?  How about visiting the Beastly Kingdom, the part of Animal Kingdom themed around mythical creatures like unicorns and dragons?

Of course, none of these things exist.  Drawing on a wealth of historical resources, Christopher E. Smith details the plans for these and many other Walt Disney World experiences that never came to pass.  He tells the story of why these visions of Imagineers failed to come to fruition and how their influence has played out elsewhere in the parks.  It’s a fun history of possibility for Disney Parks fans.

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Rating: ***