Movie Review: Monkey Business (1931)

Welcome to Marx Brothers Mondays! I’ll be watching and reviewing the Marxist oeuvre over the next several weeks.

Title: Monkey Business
Release Date: September 19, 1931
Director: Norman Z. McLeod
Production Company: Paramount Publix Corp

Monkey Business is the Marx Brothers first film written for the screen and their second classic.  Set aboard a transatlantic liner, the four Marx Brothers are introduced as stowaways hiding in barrels. The bulk of the plot involves their various hijinks as they attempt to avoid capture by the crew while also getting recruited by opposing gangsters.  Thelma Todd plays one gangster’s daughter, Lucille Briggs, and serves as a saucy comic foil.  There are a lot of great comic bits in this film including all four of the Marx Brothers singing a Maurice Chevalier song in an attempt to use his passport.

Rating: ****