Classic Movie Review: Amarcord (1973)

Title: Amarcord
Release Date: December 18, 1973
Director: Federico Fellini
Production Company: F.C. Produzioni | PECF

Fellini’s semi-autobiographical film focuses on life in a small Italian village on the Adriatic in the 1930s. The village is populated with eccentric characters who border on being grotesques. Throughout the movie, people shout at each other, they make lots of fart and piss jokes, and are obsessed with sex. The teenage boy Titta (Bruno Zanin) is the putative protagonist although the very loose narrative ranges wildly through the town and its various characters. I particularly like the town lawyer (Luigi Rossi) who periodically pops up to offer a tour guide’s narrative of the town’s history.

The movie has some striking images that demonstrate Fellini’s skill as a director. The “fluffballs” blowing through the town marking the arrival of spring, Titta’s mad uncle sitting in a tree shouting “I want a woman,” cars racing through the village’s narrow streets, a peacock on a frozen fountain in a town square full of chest-high snow, and a blind accordion player in a deserted field. Nevertheless, I found this movie a chore to watch. Call me uncultured swine, but I just don’t think I’m a Fellini person.

Rating: **1/2

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