Podcasts of the Week Ending February 20

LeVar Burton Reads :: “Silver Door Diner” by Bishop Garrison

A great science fiction story about a waitress at a diner meeting a mysterious child.

Running Tally of Podcast of the Week Awards for 2021

3 thoughts on “Podcasts of the Week Ending February 20

  1. Glory be. I finally had time to listen to one of your recommended podcasts. Levar Reads, first a blast to the past to Reading Rainbow, which I and my sons loved way back when. The story he reads here is so good! Question: do you have a main podcast place where you search for them? I know little to nothing about them. I know NPR has them but beyond that I’m not savvy about it.

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    1. Sorry I didn’t respond right away. I started a response and then got distracted.

      I was probably too old for Reading Rainbow but I remember watching it sometimes because I liked LeVar Burton from Star Trek. His podcast is very high quality and he is a great selector of stories, usually science fiction or speculative fiction. But mostly it’s great because he’s an expressive and enthusiastic reader.

      I was trying to think about where I find podcasts, and I don’t have one place. NPR and other public radio outlets make a lot of great podcasts (most of which are actually radio shows) and I also like a lot of the shows created by Radiotopia. I think a lot of podcasts I discovered because they were mentioned in an article I read or I heard about them on another podcast.

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      1. No worries, glad you got back with me. I didn’t watch much Star Trek beyond the original series but I remember Jordy LaForge and his cyber eyes. I really liked the way he read the story — and what a story it was. Thanks for the leads on podcasts. I know I’ve seen them at NPR and randomly elsewhere.


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