Podcast of the Week Ending March 13

Afropop Worldwide :: The Black History of the Banjo

Many people associate the banjo with white music from the rural Southern United States, but the instrument has its origins in Africa and is heard hear in a variety music styles of African and the African diaspora.

Futility Closet :: Eugene Bullard

The fascinating life of Eugene Bullard, a Black American who became an expatriate in France where he was a prizefighter, combat pilot in WWI, a nightclub owner who jammed with the great jazz artists of the day, and a spy in WWII. Someone make a biopic about this man, quick!

99% Invisible :: Artistic License

” I guess those are the two extremes in thought. It would seem to me that somewhere in between ‘Live free or die’ and ‘Famous potatoes’ the truth lies probably it’s a little closer to famous potatoes.” – George Carlin.

An episode about license plate design that touches on its promotional uses and issues of free speech.

Running Tally of Podcast of the Week Awards for 2021

3 thoughts on “Podcast of the Week Ending March 13

  1. Just finished listening to the podcast on the history of the banjo. I knew some from watching Ken Burns’ series on Country Music, but this really fleshes it out. Thank God for Youtube!

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    1. I remember seeing banjos at the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art as a kid and as a Pete Seeger fan, he always made it clear it was an African instrument. Nevertheless, it was amazing to hear the banjo in all these different musical contexts.

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      1. You were ahead of the game then on banjo knowledge. When I listened to this and how the black female banjo players are reclaiming their heritage it reminded me of when Bono & Crew introduced their cover of Helter Skelter. With digital magic all things are possible.

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