Classic Movie Project II Update

Back in September, I set myself the goal of watching and reviewing every film that appeared on one or more of three prestigious lists: one from the United States, one from Great Britain, and one from France.  There are 219 movies in total and at the time I started the project, I had reviewed only 73 of them.  Now I’m up to 160!

You can track my progress here:

I’ve been posting 3-4 and I watched 20 in April for the Blogging A to Z Challenge.  But I’m reaching a point where I’m running out of movies that are available on streaming services I subscribe to.  Some of the movies are available from services I don’t subscribe to – such as HBO Max and Criterion Channel – or I can rent them online, but I need to save money.  So I’m going to pare down my Classic Movie reviews to one time a week published on Sundays.  And I’ll most likely rent them from my local video store or – gasp – see some in a movie theater (thank you COVID vaccination!).

But fear not, I will watch and review plenty of movies not on this list and perhaps some of them will be classic films in their own right.

Here’s my list of films remaining for Classic Movie Project II:

2001: A Space Odyssey 1968
A Streetcar Named Desire 1951
All the President’s Men 1976
America, America 1963
Annie Hall 1977
Apocalypse Now 1979
Band Wagon, The 1953
Ben-Hur 1959
Cabaret 1972
Colour of Pomegranates, The 1968
Confessions of a Cheat (Le Roman d’un tricheur) 1936
Easy Rider 1969
French Connection, The 1971
Gertrud 1964
Golden Helmet (Casque d’or) 1952
Gone With the Wind 1939
Graduate, The 1967
Imitation of Life 1959
La Grande Illusion 1937
Laura 1944
Lawrence of Arabia 1962
Le Jour se lève 1939
Le Mepris 1963
Leopard, The 1963
Letter from an Unknown Woman 1948
Magnificent Amberson, The 1942
Maman et la Putain 1973
Manhattan 1979
MASH 1970
Monsieur Verdoux 1947
Moonfleet 1955
Mullholland Drive 2001
Nashville 1975
On The Waterfront 1954
Once Upon a Time in America 1984
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest 1975
Ordet 1955
Pierrot le Fou 1965
Scarface 1932
Senso 1954
Shoah 1985
Some Came Running 1958
Spartacus 1960
Star Is Born, A 1954
Talk to Her 2002
To Kill a Mockingbird 1962
Touch of Evil 1958
Wild Bunch, The 1969
Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942


2 thoughts on “Classic Movie Project II Update

  1. I guarantee your local library has many if not most of these titles either in hard disk or digitally — at no cost to you. I commend you on your dedication to get through these lists! FYI, the library uses covid protocols where the dvds sit for 3-4 days after being returned to make sure they aren’t infected.

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