Podcasts of the Week Ending June 19

Twenty Thousand HertzFoley Artists

Behind the scenes with the talented people who provide the everyday sounds for a movie.

WBUR Consider ThisConsider This: Why Some Black And Hispanic Parents Want To Keep Remote Learning

Amid the urgency to get children back to in-school learning and panic about “learning loss,” parents in some communities are finding advantages to remote learning.

Running Tally of Podcast of the Week Awards for 2021

3 thoughts on “Podcasts of the Week Ending June 19

  1. I just listened to the one on foley artists. I had seen a special features video on foley artists included in the UK Series “New Tricks” and so knew some already about them. Chuck Palahniuk’s book, “The Invention of Sound,” has a foley artist as the protagonist. Very dark subject matter in Chuck’s book. This artist does screams.


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