Podcasts of the Week Ending August 21

Hit Parade What a Fool Believes

Yacht Rock.  Love it or hate it, it has some catchy tunes.  Chris Molanphy defines what it is and what it isn’t and how a genre was retroactively created for the music decades after the fact.

Lost MassachusettsUrsuline Convent Fire

An account of a nativist riot that destroyed a Roman Catholic convent school in Charlestown (now, Somerville) in 1834 and its lingering symbolism.

One YearJesus on a Tortilla

I always thought of the face of Jesus on tortilla as kind of a memeish thing, but it’s actually based on something that happened to a family in New Mexico in 1977.  This podcast is a compassionate story of how the phenomenon affected the family, who, despite accusations against them, never profited from the Jesus tortilla.

The Thirty20EightSpace Mountain: A Journey Through Time & Space

A global history of one the most popular rides at Disney theme parks and the first real thrill ride at Disney.

This American Life Essential

The hidden stories of the workers deemed essential during the pandemic and how it changed the workers.



Running Tally of Podcast of the Week Awards for 2021