Book Review: The Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan

Author: Rick Riordan
Title: The Ship of the Dead
Narrator: Michael Crouch
Publication Info: [New York, New York] : [Listening Library], [2017]

This is a terrific conclusion to the Magnus Chase and the Guards of Asgard trilogy.  Magnus Chase and his allies must stop Loki from bringing about Ragnarok.  To accomplish this, they sail on a banana-colored ship to various locales including the court of the ocean god Aegir, York, England, the frozen lands of Norway, and the palace of the winter goddess Skadi.

Magnus is once again joined by the Islamic Valkyrie  Samirah (who is fasting for Ramadan), the elf Hearthstone, the dwarf Blitz, and the genderfluid child of Loki, Alex Fiero.  In fact, Magnus takes a romantic interest in Alex which I think is wonderful for the children reading this, both children learning about their own gender expression as well as cisgender children who get to see a positive representation of a transgender character in a book.  Three more characters who had smaller roles in previous books join the team and play a bigger part in the finale: Thomas Jefferson Jr., a young Black soldier who died fighting in the American Civil War, Mallory Keen, who died attempting to defuse a bomb in Belfast during The Troubles, and a Norse mercenary berserker  Halfborn Gunderson.  Each member of the team ends up having a task that leads them to their final confrontation with Loki.  And Magnus draws upon their teamwork in his battle of words, or flyting, with Loki that serves as the novel’s terrific climax.

I highly recommend all three of these books to readers of any age.

Rating: ****