Podcasts of the (two) weeks ending November 20

Consider ThisYoung Activists At U.N. Climate Summit: ‘We Are Not Drowning. We Are Fighting

Some of the most powerful voices for action on the climate crisis are the youngest.

Radiolab – Mixtape

Radiolab ran a five-part series on the history and influence of the cassette tape (one of my all-time favorite pieces of technology) and they are uniformly excellent, so I’m listing them all here:

ThroughlineNikole Hannah-Jones and the Country We Have

In interview with investigative journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones about The 1619 Project, soon to be released as a book, and the backlash against it.

What NextHow Schools Surveil Your Kids

Remote learning allowed the introduction of surveillance tools on children’s computers that are now becoming standard.

Running Tally of Podcast of the Week Awards for 2021