Podcasts of the Week Ending December 11

Decoder RingTruly Tasteless Jokes

This episode discusses a series of joke books that were inordinately popular in the 1980s.  By extension, it explores the shift of how transgressive language was initially used by the Left as part of the movement to advance free speech.  But these books made offensive jokes so ubiquitous that they became old hat.  Eventually only people on the right were interested in sharing offensive jokes.

99% InvisibleThe Epic of Collier Heights

The story of the creation of a Black Mecca, a prosperous African American neighborhood in suburban Atlanta which was created by aggressively acquiring property around segregated white areas.

This Day in Esoteric Political HistoryThe Coup in Wilmington (1898)

Wilmington, NC was governed by democratically-elected white and Black leaders until white supremacists staged a violent insurrection in 1898.

Running Tally of Podcast of the Week Awards for 2021

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